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Welcome to Redco Careers

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About Us

We Started in 2014

...Since then we grew into a company of  60  associates  and two locations.

Constant Growth

As a Company  we have twice been named as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Market.

Your Success is Redco's Success

Training and support backed with technology and  proper mentorship are what makes Redco agents successful and productive, regardless of the stage of their career!

Training and Support


We make it easy for you to transition to Redco. Once you are here we will swiftly set you up with all systems, signs, etc.


Weekly in-house training sessions. Working with buyers, sellers, marketing, etc. Our training is straight to the point, so you can generate production asap.


It's not only about work. We have fun together, too! In this example we had a self defense class for Redco brokers. We have other events as well.

It Is About Sales

We are a sales driven brokerage. We believe in commission earned money. We do not believe in fees. Therefore Redco Commission Plans are super competitive. Only fee that you pay at Redco is $50 a month.


Do you need a bit more motivation and accountability? Redco is the place for you!

Set your goals and we will help you achieve them. Month by month, year by year!


As of October of 2017 and the past year, REDCO has the highest percentage of producing agentsin all MLS. Source: MRED, Terradatum

As a REDCO BROKER you will have access to...

...the following

FREE Professional Photos and Virtual Tour on All Your Listings

We have partnered up with VHT STUDIOS, the nation's largest and best real estate photography company.

FREE DocuSign

One of the perks at Redco is that you no longer need to pay for electronic signatures on your documents. 

FREE Transaction Management System

All our agents have an access to a Cloud based transaction management system. Use it on your computer or a phone via a mobile App. Retrieve and share any documents on your transactions with a few clicks, on the go, where ever you are.  

Free Signage

For Sale Yard Signs, Open House Signs, we have them all. Start using them as soon as you join Redco!

FREE Training

Ongoing training for new and experienced agents. Learn how to increase your productivity and GCI. Our training is hands on and very goal oriented. 

FREE Coaching Events

As a Redco agent, you will be reimbursed fully for all approved coaching events that you attended ( at the time of your next closing). Currently our approved coaching organizations are: The Mike Ferry Organization, Greg Luther, Tom Ferry Organization.

...wait, there is more that we have for you

Professionally Printed Materials

Yes, you need nice folders, brochures, open house materials. We get that. We have you covered!

Are you still paying for printing ?

At Redco, you just print. Black and white or color. We don`t have any limits. Yes, it's FREE.

For Your Convenience

You can you use the space and support at any of our locations, depending on your needs, meet with your clients in suburb or Chicago office.


Ours is cutting edge!


We adveritse all over the place. Facebook, Google, Homes & Land Magazine, just to name a few...

There Is More But It's Hard To List it All

In our office we have private desks, private offices available, also public use spaces and computers, sharp conference rooms so you can meet your clients in a professional environment. 

Of course, we do email blasts, just listed, just sold, etc.

Mainly though, we HELP YOU MAKE MORE DEALS!

More on commissions at REDCO:

We are not a 100% commission company. Your commission split will be handcrafted to suit your needs. Don`t forget in real estate everything is negotiable!



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